About me

Nice to meet you, my name is Rachel
I love animals. All of them. Well ... especially the ones with the fur
Since I can remember we have animals in the house. My mother made the mistake and once, in a moment of weakness, succumbed to my massive (but moderate) pressures to adopt an animal and so began to enter our house one by one - not necessarily in this order - fish, hamster, rabbit and a dog for several months until my brother discovered the hard way that he was allergic... 

To my true love, the cats, I only got to know later. Until that moment, the world has been divided into two in my eyes: dog lovers and cat lovers, and I considered my self as part of the first half. But as in so many good fairy tales, fate wanted it, and one morning I found on the street a tiny kitten about  three weeks old. She wailed at me resolutely and left me no choice
I fell in love and she found a home.

Do not get me wrong, dogs still have a warm place in the heart, but the cats have taken over every good part of my soul
Various studies suggest that the cat controls the human brain
I have no doubt that this is true. Here in our family we immediately stand up to every wail. What does the king need?
Secretly, when he does not see, we habitually dub him. He calls us Slaves, and that makes us laugh.

It is believed that Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat door. The idea came to his mind while he was experimenting in the darkroom, and every time one of his cats opened the door and destroyed the experiment.
I can completely imagine the situation 
I did not invent far-reaching inventions for the benefit of humanity, I just let go of my imagination and built this site without disturbing the undisputed ruler's rest on my keyboard. Well, his. My dream is to offer all cat lovers a wide range of gifts and ideas for people like them, who will remind them at any given moment who is the king here and all with a smile and  waving a tail.
To add agenda to the fun, some of your shopping sprees will be given back to the community of cats who do not have a home yet and need help and care until they have their own keyboard to sleep on.
I hope to create here a community of people who love animals, people who understand who is the boss .... and support each other ... Because between us... sometimes its hard

About me